TruSail is a modular wireless sensing electronic package that provides a unique scientific and measurable tool for racing sailboats.

Introducing TruSail

Trusail is a simple to use wireless telemetry system measuring the physical parameters essential to speed that are otherwise only described in terms of opinion.

TruSail telemetry provides factual scientific data for immediate analysis. It is 100% designed for fully committed high performing sailing athletes and their coaches.

Data is shown live to sailors and their coach and can be analysed on-the-water, during the session. In short, TruSail is your always available, instantly effective personal performance analyst.

What the sailors say

"We are constantly looking for ways to make the boat go faster and make better racing decisions. TruSail helps us identify gain areas and, by measuring some of the key outputs, be more objective and able to bank gains. Being able to read and digest that data on-the-water increases the efficiency of our training."

James Peters and Fynn Sterritt

"When I have worked with Artemis racing it has been amazing to see the power of good data and data analysis, but this power has previously been out of reach for an Olympic Campaign. For the first time TruSail gives us Americas Cup answers on an Olympic Campaign budget. The software is so simple to use we can analyse the data ourselves immediately without the need for a team of people to sift through the data after the session."

John Gimson from the Nacra Team Gimson-Burnet

"TruSail shows us where we can improve quickly. It forces us to push to our maximum and give everything in training as we can’t hide from the truth."

Rebecca from Team Wester Netzler

"The quick and clear analysis of training races means real racing feels easier. I really enjoy being able to study my data from manoeuvres, mark roundings and accelerations, pushing myself to set new personal bests."

Klara from Team Wester Netzler