TruSail is 100% designed for fully committed high performing sailing athletes and their coaches. Here are the main criteria that guided our system design.


The coach gets the data live in their coach boat, the system allows a coach to work with up to four boats at the same time and compare numbers live. Furthermore, the coach and sailors can analyse the data within seconds while on the water, such that they can react to analysis and change their settings, technique or adjust their decisions on that day in that session. Any committed team will recognise the lost hours of having a debrief one evening only to then go out the next day in different conditions and be unable to implement any new lessons – TruSail can eliminate this.


The system can be used with a coach, or when training without one, such that all coaching and training time is maximally efficient. The perspective from inside the boat is ultimately what is important; however, having a set of measurements that are consistent and removed from the subjective feelings of the session allows for accurate assessment of equipment, settings, technique and decisions.

Measured elements can be compared boat to boat on the software and – when agreed by the sailors – can be shared live between the boats, meaning each boat can see how their training partners compare. All data can also be exported for post analysis alongside video and other data and for long term storage.


From charging to fitting and using, all aspects of the system have been designed to have the absolute minimum impact on your valuable training time. The time to fit to the boat, switch on and finally remove and place on charge require less than two minutes. All brackets and sensors are designed for accuracy without cables or connectors. Within the software a single button to zero measured elements reduces the time and effort to set baselines.The system elements can be switched on and off in any sequence and will automatically connect with other units on your system.